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Industry expertise
»We’re hired and managed for the jobs you are
  seeking to fill so we know how to best find and
  filter the candidates for you.

Extensive Silicon Valley networks
»We’ll use our extensive Silicon Valley network
  to find the best fit for your company. We
  operate on the conviction that the best
  candidates do not simply appear but instead
  must be proactively recruited.

Focus on the jobs other recruiting firms may
not do

»Greenside Partners specializes in the hard-to-
  fill positions that are typically under the VP

Typical searches include for:
»Product managers to design features and work
  with developers
»Marketing managers to drive awareness and
»Software and QA engineers to deliver high-
  quality software


Contingency only:
We only get paid for results.

You can work with other recruiters. We are confident in our differentiated approach.

Select engagements:
We are fortunate to have high demand and thus to be able to work with the leading high tech start-ups and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley


Employers e-Mail Us
E-mail your needs to us now. Feel free to
review the standard contract here.

Candidates e-Mail Us
E-mail us your resume and hiring goals.
All inquiries are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


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