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Greenside Partners - the recruiting firm with high-tech operating experience
  The Greenside Difference        

Greenside Partners is dedicated to serving you and your recruitment needs.

We do so by providing a competitive service and commit to the following points that are often different from other recruiting firms:

Direct hiring experience: We’ve built groups in high tech companies and start-ups and know what it takes to find, screen and convince A candidates to join.

Network hiring: Our networks are the source of most of our hires and provide high-caliber candidates.

High-tech only focus: Unlike other recruiting firms, we’re only focused on high tech.

Contingency only: Not having to pay a retainer before a search starts means that you only pay for performance


Non-exclusive: You can work with other recruiting firms. We’re confident Greenside Partners will work for you.

Closers for the talent you want: Our most important job is sales – selling and closing the best candidates for your vision, your team and your opportunity.

Find you the positions that other recruiters may not take on: We’ll work with you on all levels, including entry-level, and differentiate by focusing on the below VP level hires. Such hires are difficult and thus avoided by many recruiting firms. We have had success finding such hard-to-fill positions as product manager, marketing manager and software engineer.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to demonstrate the Greenside Difference.


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